New Study Suggests That The Pill Could Make You Misread Men

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Dubious study time! This time, it's about the pill. According to evolutionary psychologists from the University of Newcastle in England, the pill won't just make you fat, crazy, and particularly aware of shoes in pornos, it will also make you choose the wrong mate! Let me explain. Live Science reports that there is some sort of genetic "musk" that men and women give off from their "major histocompatibility complexes (MHC)" — which are genes involved in immune response. When a woman is on the pill, she is more likely to choose a mate with a similar MHC complex. Other studies have shown that when a partners have similar MHC complexes, they are more likely to have trouble conceiving and more likely to cheat on one other.Not that we're necessarily smelling MHC's in all their glory in the first place. As the points out, MHC aroma is "complicated by factors such as soap and aftershave." So um, basically I wouldn't worry about the pill screwing up your love life, beyond the ways it already screws up your love life with side effects. The Pill Makes Women Pick Bad Mates [Live Science] The Pill May Change Women's Choice In Men [Telegraph] Earlier: Estrogen Does Not Exactly Enhance The Porn Viewing Experience


@Charlotte Corday: You were reading lots of T.S. Eliot while you were on the Pill? Geez, wading through "The Waste Land" turns me into a weepy, unreasonable mess, too! I suspect that Eliot, not the Pill, was to blame for your symptoms.

(Only half kidding…)