You know how hippies who are opposed to circumcision are always all, "Circumcised penises experience a reduction in sensitivity"? Well, a new study in the most recent issue of the Journal of Sexual Medicine totally contradicts that, saying that the head of the dick is just as sensitive on a circumcised man as an uncircumcised one. (I never understood that argument anyway. Don't we want them to be less sensitive, so they can last longer?) Apparently, this is the most comprehensive and technologically advanced study on the matter to date, as its data included subjects in an "aroused state", which is something that had never been done before. (They had the dudes get naked and watch porno.)

I say, yes!, bring on the bris! Having gotten with a number of uncut, less than hygienic men, I can tell you that unclean uncircumcised weens have a tendency to smell like Parmesan cheese. And unless it's submerged in tomato sauce and pasta, you don't really want to put a Parmesan-scented sausage in your mouth.

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