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There's no denying that Marilyn Monroe had an unusually potent combination of sex, innocence, beauty and charm, but at some point maybe we should think about retiring her ultimate bombshell jersey and letting her rest in relative peace. For one thing, she had an incredibly sad life in many ways—and she met an even sadder end—which is nothing to idolize. (If Anna Nicole Smith taught us anything, that's it.) For another, she was just a human being, for God's sake, and she's been dead for almost 50 years.


Not that we've ever been short of Marilyn worship, but these past few months have been particularly Monroe-rich, with Michelle Williams starring in My Week with Marilyn and the debut of Smash on NBC, which focuses on the production of Marilyn: The Musical. (Well, they've officially named it Bombshell now, but UGH why do I know that?) And now...drumroll, please! We've got word that a new show is in the works called Finding Marilyn.

The show is being produced and developed in cooperation with her estate, and it will be, get ready, "a competition reality series that will emulate Monroe's journey to stardom by featuring twelve young girls as they travel to Los Angeles to compete for a chance to become the next Hollywood 'it' girl." Oh, brother. First of all, non-Marilynized variations of this same show have already been made one million times over. Are we not getting a little tired of watching the "next big thing" getting discovered over and over again. And how compelling will it really be to watch 12 girls try to emulate someone who was a true original, someone who cannot be emulated? We'll see whenever the show finally comes to air, but maybe we can make a deal? Let's pinky swear that once we find "Marilyn," we will just leave her where we found her and not turn her into a tragic superstar—and we'll also stop making movies and shows about the real Marilyn.


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