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New Republic Blogger Comes (Late) To The "Abortion Party" Party

Illustration for article titled iNew Republic/i Blogger Comes (Late) To The Abortion Party Party

"The kind of feminists and progressives who would throw an "abortion party" [are] behaving monstrously, I'm afraid, by applying political and legal considerations to a sphere of life [...] where morality should set the tone." — Damon Linker [TNR]


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"because the decision about whether to terminate a pregnancy is and always will be, among the other things it is, a moral decision, whether or not the decision is legal. "

If I disagree with Damon Linker on this point does that mean that I have NO morals? The way I see it, it's only a moral decision if you think of a fetus as being a person. Is that too mcuh of a simplistic way of looking at it?