New Plus-Size Store Provides Pre-Recorded Fitting-Room Flattery

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London is getting a new plus-size store, and this one has a special feature: interactive dressing rooms pre-programmed with robo-compliments for shoppers.


According to GetWestLondon, Yours Clothing (a growing brand I've never encountered in my compulsive online shopping; apparently Hayley Hasselhoff is the face of their summer collection?) is opening an Uxbridge outpost. Not only will they have "in-store stylists," but the dressing rooms will dispense compliments as customers try outfits.

Personally, this sounds about as appealing as a stale Crumbs cupcake. I used to shop at Lane Bryant regularly, and after a while, I noticed something: Much of the music was upbeat girl-power bullshit. It was like some well-meaning slender friend with terrible taste has left an ~empowerment~ mixtape in my locker. But saccharine pop music only makes the experience of struggling into some weirdly cut polyester monstrosity worse. God willing these are on-demand.


The point being: I don't need my damn hand held. Don't assume plus-size woman are all weeping sadly to themselves, desperate for some generic flattery from a computer. Just give us some pretty frocks! Provide something that looks good without wheedling from a disembodied salesperson!

(h/t Racked)

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THANK YOU. I don't want fake compliments. I don't want robo compliments. I want to look nice and not like my outfit was modeled after a tablecloth draped over an elephant.