While Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner hasn't announced what year season 7 of his show will take place in, rumors abound that it'll be around 1969 or 1970. From the style of the promo images released, that seems like a safe bet. But who is rocking the look from this important time in history best?

Okay, obviously Joan wins, as per usual. She wears jewel tones like it's nobody's business, so the look of the super-colorful 1970s – while not always perfect for her silhouette – will at least allow her to Be Free to Be Joan and Just Joan.

Peggy seems to have infused her look with a hint of flower power. It's great to see Stan hasn't let go of his coat and matching beard. I wish Harry wouldn't insist upon being such a skeeze and continue to attempt to emulate a bad Hugh Hefner. In better sartorial moves, Ken is consistent as ever and is that a bolo tie on Ginsberg? Love.

Don is still very much Don here, but Roger seems to have spiced it up with a pair of men's boots and a contrasting jacket/pant situation. Interesting. I preferred him in those well-tailored grey suits, but at least he's trying to keep it fresh.

It's nice how they've given the flight attendants hats and scarves so they're comfortable no matter where they have to travel. It's unfortunate that they're so ugly.

RIP TWA. Obviously the person who has embraced the decade shift with the most aplomb is Megan, who never met a trend she didn't like.

The AMC website also has a slideshow of portraits featuring Pete, Betty, Sally, Henry Francis, Ted and Jim plus close-up shots of some of the outfits here. Betty Draper, we hardly knew ye.

Images via Frank Ockenfels/AMC