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New Lifetime Series Resorts To Mocking Natural Childbirth

Last night's premiere of Lifetime's One Born Every Minute—filmed at a busy maternity ward in Ohio—focused on mothers' decisions for pain management. It's edited in a way that made those who opt to go natural look like morons.


It was infuriating to watch as women were admitted into labor and delivery and were immediately pressured by nurses to get started on Pitocin—which was treated as a routine step in the labor process—but not informed of the drug's potential (and numerous) risks. Also, Pitocin, meant to speed up labor, makes the pain much more significant, leading to additional interventions like pain meds. One voice-over interview during last night's episode laughed at women who refused epidurals, likening it to going for dental work without Novocaine.

So by the time Steve and Susan—the crunchy couple in the clip above—came in to labor and delivery with their doula and multiple copies of their birth plan in tow, the stage had been set for them to look like hippy idiots. The next 24 hours of Susan's labor was edited to make the couple appear to be total weirdos for taking showers together and moaning in tandem through contractions. The nurse on duty clashed with the couple, implying that Susan doesn't know what's best for her body, and then literally saying that the couple is insane.

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Y'all are some fucking judgmental bitches about birth. How 'bout we all concede that how you give birth is your personal choice, while also recognizing that labor and delivery nurses and doctors have a WHOLE LOT of experience with the many variations of birth experiences and that they just might know something more than what was in the 3 dozen baby books you read during pregnancy?

No one should force anyone to do anything, but mothers who go into hospitals to deliver babies with totally closed ears are putting themselves and their children at risk. The fact is, the MOST important thing in labor and delivery is open and unstressed lines of communication between the mother, the father, and the doctors and nurses. You need to accept that you might deviate from your birth plan, and they need to accept that you are the final word in what does and does not happen to your body.