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New Kids On The Block Reunite On Today

Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood, and Jordan and Jonathan Knight of New Kids on the Block are gettin' the band back together, and the quintet went on Today this morning to talk about their upcoming album and hype up their May 16th Today performance live in the Plaza. Joey is still cute, Donnie was wearing a piece with a lace front, Jordan lost the excess weight he had on The Surreal Life, Jonathan was wearing a clear retainer, and Danny continues to be the Ringo of the group. Props to Natalie Morales for having the balls to say, "You guys went from the biggest act around to just disappearing. What happened?" Clip above.


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So I was one of the New Kids haters, in 6th grade I was too busy listening to old hippie rock with my parents and ended up being he total loser because I didn't know anything about them.

However, the universe works in funny ways and a few years ago my hubs was on a flight to LA and sat next to Joey Mac the whole way ... from this we gained some interesting info/ stories:

1) Joey Mac has a REALLY weird facial tick. A strong sort of squinty tourettes of the face. He works very hard to control it on TV.

2) He stole my husbands Doves "Last Broadcast" CD.

3) Joey took him to some lame LA party, Marky Mark shows up - they have beef and proceeds to fisticuffs on the street outside. Mark Hits Joey, bodyguards break it up and Joey and my hubs go out drinking.

4) He proceeded to call my hubs a few times a month trying to be bros, we're anti-social; despite my desire to meet up , it never happened.

All of this somehow made me feel better about being made fun of for not liking new kids as a kid.