New HPV Vaccine Approved • North Carolina Set To Release Child Rapists

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Today the FDA voted to approve the vaccine Cervarix, an HPV vaccine created by British drug company GlaxoSmithKline. The vaccine is expected to become available later this year, but Glaxo has not released any information about pricing.•

An Ohio man has been charged with a first degree misdemeanor after he allegedly used a law-enforcement computer network to gather information on Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, aka Joe the Plumber. • North Carolina lawmakers have redefined "life sentence" to mean 80 years. According to the new definition, 20 convicted criminals are now set for release, including several men convicted of raping young girls. • According to a report released by the National Science Foundation, only 33% of people working in science are women. The scarcity of women in science is especially noticeable in the "hard sciences," including the study of radioactive elements. • This photograph, cleverly captioned "Career Choices for Girls According to Videogames" provides a single piece of the puzzle as to why many young girls feel their only options are fashion designer, cheerleader, or professional housekeeper.John McCain has asked Obama to posthumously pardon black boxer Jack Johnson, who was imprisoned in 1913 for his romantic involvement with a white woman. • As part of an attempt to get male students to be "Renaissance men," Morehouse College in Atlanta has forbidden them from wearing baggy pants, sunglasses, do-rags and clothing "normally worn by women." • Politicians often write books to boost their careers, but Sarah Palin may be a simpler soul. Says onetime Republican spokesman Ron Bonjean, "her goal is to make a whole lot of money." •

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La Chica Lucy

I'm surprised NC has LIFE sentences or even 80-year sentences for rape. In NY rape is a B Felony! That's right, folks, in NYS you will do more time for drug possession than for rape. It makes me fucking sick. #gardasil