New Hazing Allegations Help Penn State Continue Impressive Streak of Awfulness

Three Penn state students who were all set to graduate have been indefinitely expelled and are facing misdemeanor charges of simple assault and conspiracy for beating up a pledge like they were all starring in Fight Club 2: Greek Life Hell.

The victim, Asya Trowell, told police that she was attacked while pledging Omega Essence, a "little sisters" group with the fraternity Omega Psi Phi, an unrecognized student organization. Her assailants allegedly "punched and slapped [Trowell] to the point where she had two black eyes and was bleeding from the nose," repeatedly slapped her all over her body with a wet and a dry washcloth, forced her to eat mayonnaise, hot sauce, and spices, and repeatedly slapped, punched, and kicked her in the head, neck, body and legs. Holy fuck.


The students can petition Penn State for reinstatement after a year, but it's not guaranteed they can return.

Alleged hazing at Penn State: Three accused of beating freshman in ritual [Centre Daily]

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