New "Exercise In A Pill" Still Requires, You Know, Exercise

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Couch potatoes: what if scientists told you that you could enjoy all the benefits of exercise without any of that pesky effort and dedication? Sounds good, right? Who doesn't hate doing stuff? Well, researchers at the Salk Institute have found two drugs that can mimic athletic endurance in mice. Of course, theoretically, one still has to do exercise to reap the benefits of these "exercise pills," but that won't stop journalists (and the researchers who oversaw the project) from calling these drugs "exercise in a pill."The two drugs studied, GW1516 and Aicar, work by increasing a gene-controlling protein called PPAR-delta that remodels the muscle and increasing the growth of Type 1 fibers within the muscle, which makes the muscles resistant to fatigue. There are two types of muscle fibers, Type 1, and Type 2 which tires more easily. Athletes and fit people have lots of Type 1 fibers and people with obesity and diabetes have more Type 2. With the first drug, GW1516, the mice had to have had exercise training to show endurance, while the second drug, Aicar, required no training to show increased endurance. Basically, this pill isn't a free ride for those too lazy to walk around the corner to go to yoga and want to take a pill to make up for lost gym days; it's more of an enhancement drug for athletes (just in time for the Olympics) but it can also help people who would benefit from exercise but are too weak to do so, like those suffering from diabetes or morbid obesity. Drug Offer Promises Of Fitness Without Effort [IHT] Just Sitting Back To Get In Shape: Two Pills Do The Work Of Exercise [WSJ] 'Exercise Pill' Burns Fat— If You're A Mouse [CNN]


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@Gretchen: Oh yes. I go to bed with my outfit for the next morning in my head so I can put it on in five minutes. washing face about two minutes, make-up takes about three, kissing husband goodbye thirty seconds. DONE. I can get out within 15 minutes of getting up.

@pinkyBella: That is very reasonable. Of course, I cut my hair REALLY short about 2 years ago and when it's THAT SHORT (at least for me) it definitely ADDED time because I couldn't not style it.