New Elle Creative Director Contradictory, Uninspired

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Fashion photography agency Jed Root has an interview with new Elle creative director (and Jed Root client!) Joe Zee about his vision for the new Elle, his personal style, and his work ethic. And thanks to Jed Root agent and guest-interviewer Akiko — She's special! She goes by one name! — the world is just as clueless as it was before as to how exactly Zee plans on freshening up the fashion magazine. Let's take a look!

1. As the new creative director of Elle what direction are you looking to take?

Really, basically, to take it back to what it represents. So I like the history of the brand, the name, Elle, and what is [sic] used to mean when it first launched in America and also when it first started in France, which is where it originally came from. It was so much about a strong sexy woman, being trend driven, being very directional and showing great fashion and great ideas and all that. So everything really just jumps off the page at you."


Okay, so this means Elle will be more French? With less-emaciated, more bodacious-looking models? And lots of trendy fashions?

Oh. Guess not.

12. Do you see anything in men's or women's wear coming out that you think would be big this season?

For women, this return to elegance. For both men and women it's really about having an individual style statement, rather than following a trend. And just doing their own thing... that's the thing that really inspires me..[sic]people doing their own thing whether they're aware of it or not.

So it's about individual style, not trends? We're confused. What exactly is individual style? Do you have it?

7. Lets get a little more personal now. We are also curious to find out how you organize your personal closet at home.

...It's all white shirts, and brown shirts, and black shirts, all black sweaters. I mean, everything is folded but I don't have a lot of crazy items. Just my basics, all my suits, my jeans... totally basic, all basics. Totally uniform.

Kind of like your answers, Joe Zee! Best of luck with that creative shake-up you're going for!

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