New Disney Game Teaches Girls How to Social Climb and Shop

Like we don't already know how to do that? Please.

Disney's City Girl is a video game that starts you in the sticks, and ends with you clawing your way up the social ladder to a Park Avenue penthouse. The ultimate goal of the game is to go from "country bumpkin to city slicker", and you'll stop at nothing to get there. What pointant class commentary! Oh, wait...


The weirdest part is, this particular game is even for girls. Gothamist explains:

Disney City Girl's players are mostly 20 to 29-year-old women-and a rep explains, "This is an adult game-the language, the storyline, the mission of the career progression, some of the humor, those have all been purposely targeted at adults." According to DNAInfo, "The concept was to combine the long-standing popularity of Sex in the City motifs with the growing 'pink' gamer demographic."


I'll give it this, the cast of characters is at least ethnically diverse, and you can change your avatar's skin color, hair, eyes. Of course, there's just one body type, and it's straight-up Barbie Doll. Also, the two careers you're allowed to choose from are fashion designer and chef. Both seem like valid career paths for people who wish to remain in the city long-term. (??)

Basically, the game is just about dressing your avatar — and sometimes buying clothes with real people cash to do so! — and so it's just a money making venture along the lines of FarmVille. Which, fine; but I can't be the only one who doubts that 26-year-old women are competing against friends in Disney's City Girl's "Daily Look" Competitions? It's possibly, but this feels more like something a nine-year-old would play; kinda like how you only really read Seventeen magazine when you were eleven. It's ostensibly marketed to adults, but I'd wager it's actually young girls who are learning to social climb, buy clothes, and decorate apartments. Life lessons, ladies!

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Seems boring, sorry, but if I'm going to have a simulated second life I want it to be as bizarre and farcical as possible. The last time I played the Sims I was a secretly gay, Asian Elvis impersonator with a "people hole" (hole specifically for trapping people and leaving them to starve) in my back yard..I also eventually became president. Compared to that catty social drama and fashion shoots seem kinda' bland.