Just as Monday's avatar-mania begins to die down, AMC has released a whole mess of Mad Men promo photos of the cast. What can we learn about Season 3 from these fierce, posed portraits?

Don will hear a familiar canine whimper during a smoke break. Is it— could it be— Chauncey?

Betty will stand by her (super) Man.


The Sterling Cooper gang will prepare for their network-synergy dance-off with the cast of Breaking Bad.

These men will be old.


Peggy will be smug.

Betty will become disillusioned with material possessions.


Really disillusioned.

Like, "Who am I, really, inside?" disillusioned.


Joan will wonder why all the good-looking men are either married or rapists.

Sal will wish he could just find the right lady to settle down with.


The guys will prepare for their skill-matched dance-off with the cast of The Big Bang Theory.

And, finally, an actual spoilery-type-thing: Don and Sal will have dinner with stewardesses (for Don) and a pilot (for Sal)!