New Crash Diet Book Wants You to Starve, Freeze, Stop Eating Vegetables

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Have you heard about Six Weeks to OMG: Get Skinnier Than All Your Friends, the fad diet du jour that claims "broccoli carbs can be worse than soda carbs" and "small, frequent meals pack on the pounds"? We haven't covered the book (because the title alone represents everything we oppose), but if you commute to work, you might be forced to consider 100% true facts like "Cold baths can give you a firm body" and "You can skip breakfast" on the way to the office. We've been seeing the ads on subways, and an enraged tipster sent us this shot.


We hate thinking about teen girls (or anyone, really) getting off the subway with the urge to buy a book crammed with ridiculous crash dieting tactics that their "skinny friends have already read."

Here's what author Venice A. Fulton (also known as British actor Paul Khanna. He played a death eater in some of the Harry Potter movies. How apropos!) told MSNBC about eating disorders, puppy fat, and "seeing yourself":

Many will say that you don't need any help, including parents. They might state that, ‘you're fine as you are', ‘it's unhealthy', or repeat the classic, ‘it's just puppy fat'. Guess what, you're not a puppy! Are they right about the other stuff?

No. Only you can ever decide if you're fine. No one else. Even with serious eating disorders, bad habits only stop when a patient changes how they see themselves. As early as you can, develop the skill of seeing yourself accurately.

This ad definitely would've influenced 16-year-old me. And then I would've hated myself for not being as skinny as all of my friends after I got sick of freezing cold showers and starving myself every morning. What's worse: a death eater or a real-life eating disorder advocate?



But -

But -

But I love broccoli, and I'm pretty sure it's not bad for me...