Panasonic knows women hate the way they look and they'd love to help them clean up a bit by shaving off parts of their face and adding some flattering make-up!

The just-released Lumix FX77 comes with a re-touching function that whitens teeth, removes dark circles around the eye, makes your face look smaller, your eyes larger โ€” and can even add blush and eye shadow. Which is great because that fixes almost every problem with women's faces in general! Tiny eyes, yellow teeth, dark circles โ€” frankly, I'm surprised we let ourselves leave the house like this, let alone step in front of a camera.


"According to data we've acquired, around 50 percent of our digital camera clients are not satisfied with the way their faces look in a photograph. So we came up with the idea so our clients can fix parts they don't like about their faces after they've taken the picture, " said Akiko Enoki, a female Panasonic project manager who, even as she was giving this interview, was presumably in need of some lipstick.

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Lane Moore is a contributing writer for The Onion