New Bill Would Expand Fertility Coverage for Veterans

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The Senate is currently considering a bill that would expand medical coverage for wounded vets to include in vitro fertilization. According to the AP, soldiers with pelvic or spinal cord injuries can have reproductive trouble once they return home and try to start (or augment) a family, and though the Department of Veterans Affairs covers some fertility procedures, it doesn't cover in vitro fertilization. The legislation being mulled over by our tirelessly loquacious representative government extends coverage for vitro fertilization, which is already covered for active-duty soliders who are critically injured in the field, to veterans who are no longer on active duty.

Senate weighs expanding vets' fertility coverage [AP via CBS]

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Why on earth not? If they lose function in a different body part due to their service, their coverage extends to remedying the problem. Reproductive abilities shouldn't be treated differently.