New Ban On Headscarves In Turkey Angers Muslims • Nightmare Roommate Pees On Dog

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• A ruling on Wednesday by the Turkish Constitutional Court that reversed a ruling that would have allowed women to wear headscarves at universities is being met with fierce opposition. • Got a bubble wrap-popping addiction? Get your fingers on this bubble wrap calendar. • "Dozens" of anti-choice protesters came out to picket the groundbreaking of a new Planned Parenthood in Portland on Wednesday. • A Wisconsin man was arrested on Thursday after he allegedly peed on his female roommate's dog and pushed the roommate's sister into a wall after the roommate denied his sexual advances. •• The infamous granny pickpocket "terrorist" with 73 arrests on her record claims that she used to be a model and insists that she is not a "career criminal." • Scarlett, a cat who became a local hero in Brooklyn when she saved her kittens from a fire in 1996, died from a kidney failure on October 11. She was thought to be 13 years old. • A raccoon escaped Dallas police on Tuesday night and was unfazed by the officer's use of a Taser gun. • A Roman Catholic nun in India who was allegedly raped and beaten by a mob of Hindu men in Orissa, has condemned the Orissa police for the way they are handling her case and demanding that the national police take over the investigation into her assault. • A recent study discovered that a warm physical touch can make others feel psychologically "warm" towards one another • A recent study suggests that people who are experiencing social rejection are better at picking out phony smiles. • According to a report released today, air samples showed evidence consistent with a decomposing body in Casey Anthony's trunk. Anthony is currently on trial for the murder of her 3-year-old child, Caylee.• Two teenaged members of a group of four dine 'n dashers at an Applebee's in North Dakota filled out comment cards with their full names before they walked out on their bill on Wednesday. • Phil Hammond, an English doctor and media broadcaster, claims that every doctor he knows chooses Gardasil over Cervarix for their daughters because Gardasil also protects against genital warts. • A new website run by the Church of England,, claims that married people have better sex in hopes of convincing couples to tie the knot. •


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Wah! I just got all sad and sniffly thinking about Scarlett. I then grabbed my two kitties and squeezed them up. They were indifferent...