There's something creepy about a man with his neck half-covered. We were reminded of this fact this past Friday, when the world experienced the one-two punch of the evil Steve Jobs-orchestrated iPhone mania and that 20/20 report on former fashion writer/current felon Peter Braunstein. What do the Apple CEO and a kidnapper have in common? A love of turtlenecks! And we're not the only ones to have these cold-weather wearables on our minds. In fact, ran a small "cultural history" of the mock turtleneck today, starring Black Panthers, Star Trek characters (and fans!), and one Wesley Clark, the former presidential candidate/military general with the weird eyes.

We even think we've spied creepy Kraut/Chanel designer Karl Lagerfeld in a turtleneck once or twice (his own design?). Okay, so to recap: What kind of man wears a turtleneck? Well, so far we've got a billionaire egomaniac; a mentally-ill, misogynist criminal; a 60s radical (wait! kinda of sexy!); socially-retarded sci-fi geeks; a weight-ist German fashion diva and... a warmonger with a 1000-yard stare! Okay girls, you can't say we didn't warn you.

The Mock Turtleneck: A Cultural History []
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