E! aired "never before seen" footage for a Keeping Up with the Kardashians clip show called "Junk in the Trunk." Actually, over the past year, while watching the two seasons of the family's reality show, I've really grown to kinda love them. Their irreverence, constant jokes, and wrestling matches between women dressed to the nines in full makeup is pretty similar to the dynamics of my family. (Except my parents have never been divorced, don't have kids from other marriages, and I'd never buy my mom a stripper pole or say the F-word in front of her. Oh, and my sister and I don't make sex tapes with our boyfriends.) This clip show only endeared them more to me. Clip above.

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Aren't they so strangely.... functional? Like, you can watch the absolute horrific train wrecks of the Lohans or Richards- er, Richardses, or you could watch a family that usually gets along, definitly always treats each other like human beings, and are kinda hilarious despite having something of a genetic disposition to vacuous stares.

I'd watch the K-J clan any day. (The J is for "Jenner" as in "Bruce" as in "best TV dad in a while).