Neutrogena to Men: Don't Use the Same Soap on Your Face and Sex Bits

Neutrogena Canada has released a new ad campaign that encourages men to use Neutrogena Men® Invigorating Face Wash because washing your face with the same soap you use to wash your "junk" will lead to "junkface."

Adweek draws our attention to the campaign, which has its own website, Stop Junkface. After perusing said website, it still unclear exactly what, if anything, is bad about this affliction.

Illustration for article titled Neutrogena to Men: Dont Use the Same Soap on Your Face and Sex Bits

The whole thing has a bit of a silly Old Spice campaign vibe, because when something becomes a viral sensation once, its destined to do so again and again.

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This is why you just use Dr. Bronner's for EVERYTHING and tell Procter & Gamble to go fuck themselves.