Netflix Will Pay You Real Legal Tender to Watch Netflix All Day

Attention, devoted couch potatoes who couch potato with the commitment of a true artist: Netflix is currently hiring a "tagger" for its London office. Basically, they'll pay you to watch TV all day, every day.


If you've always dreamed of being the person who assigned The Vicar of Dibley to "TV Shows Featuring a Strong Female Lead," today is your day! Sounds like your competition will be pretty stiff, though. According to the Independent:

Current Netflix Taggers include a mum who speaks fluent Hindi and has worked on several procedural crime shows, a French native and former keyboard player in Stereolab now living in New York who tags French-language content and a film director working on his third feature starring Tim Roth who lives in Mexico City and tags Spanish-language content.

Time calls the position a dream job, but frankly it sounds like the fastest possible route to occupation-induced madness. Taggers "deconstruct the films and programmes and describe them using objective tags," which sounds fun if you envision Orange is the New Black. But I'd rather get a root canal than watch and analyze Turbo, the Dreamworks animated feature about a racing snail. Not to mention all the weird crap that's basically just Mystery Science Theatre 3000 bait.

However, I'm completely delighted to learn a human hand was involved in shelving Melancholia with the wedding dramas. God bless you, anonymous Netflix tagger who's dead tired of Bridezillas reruns.



When I watch Netflix (or Hulu) for a very long time, it eventually asks me if I want to "Continue Watching" or take a break or something. It's so patronizing.