Netflix to Award 'Best PMS Drama' Because Ladies Be Sappy

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Look, let's just put this out there right away — Netflix does more good than it does bad. I am very grateful for the many hours that the site has kept me away from that whole "being productive" thing and for the amount of times it has given me the opportunity to ignore phone calls from my own dear family so that I can rewatch the first season of Skins (UK, obviously) for the eighth time. Really, I am grateful, as we all should be, which is why I say this with such heavy heart. Netflix, your Flixies awards, particularly the "Best PMS Movie" category, are a little bullshitty.


The Flixies, announced today, will give Netflix users the chance to vote on movie/TV categories like "Best Guilty Pleasure," "Best Marathon TV Show" and "Best Bromance" — a category that includes the film Battle Royal because, as we all know, nothing builds brotherly love quite like a movie about Japanese school children forced to murder each other.

While the Best Bromance category is dumb enough, nothing quite beats the stupidity of the Best PMS Drama Category:

Brothers & Sisters
Breakfast at Tiffany's
First Wives Club
Sleepless in Seattle
Say Yes to the Dress
Friday Night Lights
Grey's Anatomy
Gossip Girl
Hart of Dixie

None of these movies or shows are particularly terrible, but they're also not necessarily what a woman would watch when she's PMSing. Why? Because women, like all other people, like a variety of different things. ("Wha-wha-wha- whaaaat?!" say dumbfucks everywhere.) For example, when I am premenstrual I like to watch Deadwood, but I'll also settle for viral videos of handsome men eating medium-rare steaks. Other people I know like to watch goofy sitcoms and others still like to watch whatever it is that they want to watch in that moment and are unable to define their tastes with a single category. And some women do like to watch things that are more sentimental, but whatever — that might go for when they're off the rag as well. Also — and this is just crazy — some women might not like to watch any one particular thing at all during that time. They, like, watch tv like Normals!

Why not just call the category "Best Tearjerker" or "Biggest Cry Fest"? I've gotten soft and sentimental plenty of times while watching Friday Night Lights, but so have most of the guys I know. "Best PMS Drama" and "Best Bromance" might feel more creative than "Best Chick Flick" and "Best Action Movie," but they're really just as lame and presumptuous. Let the boys enjoy their Gossip Girl! Let the ladies like their Guy Ritchie movies. In other words, leave gender out of it and let us go back to wasting our lives in front of you. All this kvetching is keeping me from my 'flix.

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More importantly, they lumped Buffy and Clueless into the Best Guilty Pleasure category. Who feels guilty watching either of these masterpieces of TV/cinema?