Netflix (Sort of) Releases Les Cousins Dangereux, Girls with Low Self Esteem, and Other Arrested Development Favorites

This is really great, I love TV! Netflix made pages for all the movies and TV shows ever mentioned within AR and has them link to the episode they were first mentioned in. So clever, and great promotional work because new episodes hit Netflix in the spring! If you're looking for something great to do, just cruise Netflix and wait to stumble upon them, I'm currently doing instead of writing for my job. You're welcome!

An idea. Let's all spend our days and evenings wandering the entertainment deserts of Instant Netflix in search of these treasures, get fired because we've stopped working, and then huddle together for warmth/eat the weak ones. Fun?


My favorite joke show will always be Les Cousins Dangereux but Boyfights and World's Worst Drivers look pretty damn great, too. How I wish these were real! God is good, but god is not great.

Netflix Instant Adds a Bunch of Fake 'Arrested Development' Shows and Movies [Splitsider]

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