Netflix Launches Spoiler Alert Site to Help Ruin Everything For You

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Just like Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally, some people like to read the last page of the book first ("That way, in case I die before I finish, I know how it ends," Harry tells Sally). For some, it makes it easier to get through a story knowing what you're going to end up with. Not everybody can handle the stress and tension of not knowing who is or isn't going to live before you fall in love with them as characters.


For those people, the people who are not as rabidly obsessed with avoiding any information about their favorite shows and movies, Netflix has launched a brand new site solely dedicated to spoiler alerts called "Spoil Yourself." The site has about 30 movies and shows that they happily ruin for you, according to The Consumerist:

There are some more obvious ones on the list — The Usual Suspects, Primal Fear — along with some titles that we don't really see as spoiler-ish, like Ghostsbusters (hint: they bust ghosts; and Bill Murray has been dead the whole time), Rocky (he lives but is trapped in sequel purgatory for three decades) and Forrest Gump (it somehow managed to win the Oscar for Best Picture over Pulp Fiction; and he's also Keyser Soze).

But BE CAREFUL. If you click on that site and even some of its fun spoiler personality quizzes, you may ruin some shows and movies you haven't seen yet. As for me, I apparently am an Impulsive Spoiler, meaning I get too damn excited about what I just saw and I have to tell someone. (Sorry.)

I read movie spoiler sites sometimes. I do it when I am totally bored and have run out of singing goat videos to look. I read about movies I know I am never ever going to sit through in my life, because why the hell not. Movies I have enjoyed reading spoilers for include Good Luck Chuck, The Love Guru and Just Go With It, to name a few. From what I gathered thanks to the spoiler sites, I definitely made the right decision.

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I seriously don't understand the hate for spoilers. A story is just as enjoyable if I know how it ends.