For some reason I just read a story called Self-Cutting Linked To Risky Teen Sex. Okay, so I hate myself for actually reading such a story, since I was really only reading it for the purpose of reveling in how much I hate myself, which is fairly easy since I can't even get it up to make a joke along the lines of "Oh! Cutters and their bareback sex! What'll they take up next, coke and bulimia?" (You see the problem.) But no, I even went and bothered figuring out who we can thank for this breakthrough. Some research center underwritten by the toy industry, apparently. And here I am, trying to carve a post out of this crap when I would rather find a knife. Wouldn't it be cool if vibrators had fold out knives for cutters? Cool, but also scary, obviously? And the worst part is I'm reading about this cool new class of empowered "Nerdettes" that supposedly exists, and embraces its differences and enrolls in engineering classes, obligatory Tina Fey reference even though Tina Fey has fuckall to do with engineering but okay.

Hot geeky girls are a hot new trend, replete with a reality show and a spoofy beauty pageant and highly dubious sounding data such as:

Even women gamers far outnumber men ages 25 to 34, according to a 2006 study by the Consumer Electronics Association.


Oh, sure, find me a game that simulates cutting and cramps and vomiting up the wine you drank forming emotional attachments to horrible jerks and I will believe there is fucking gender parity here.

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