Nepotism Is Alive & Well In Hollywood, Even When It Isn't

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Melissa Rosenberg, co-executive producer for Dexter, wrote the script for New Moon, and is also writing the script for the third Twilight flick. But, she tells The Wrap's Eric Estrin, her big break in Hollywood came from someone's huge mistake:

While Rosenberg was at USC, she wrote a script. It got passed around a bunch of different offices, and a bunch of different people told her, We love this; we're not gonna make it, but let's get you an agent. Then suddenly, someone called saying, "Get me that script, get it to me right away, I need you to send it this weekend, hurry, hurry!"


She explains:

I'm like, Wow… This is fantastic! I send them the script, and then I go in to meet with one of them. Everyone in the agency wants to meet with me, and I'm going, This is amazing. And one of them says, Yeah, we just made a deal with your mother. And I'm going, Okay, my mother's been dead 10 years, so you guys are great!

As it turned out, they thought I was Joan Rivers' daughter, because her name was Melissa Rosenberg also. I had this nepotism going for me without being related to anyone.

Rosenberg went on to write Step Up and to work on The O.C.; I'm thinking about changing my name to Dodai Winfrey, Dodai Bruckheimer or just "D. Goldwyn."

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Dodai DiCaprio sounds pretty awesome to me!