Neo Nazi Throws a Hissy Fit, Punches Female Politician on Live TV

Do you remember Crossfire, the show where pundits would yell talking points very loudly at each other while the Founding Fathers spun around in their graves and Lady Liberty pondered slitting her wrists? Well, the pugnaciousness of Tucker Carlson & Frenemies has nothing on Greek political TV. Today, a talk show became so contentious that one politician (a member of Greece's Neo-Nazi party, natch) threw his glass of water in the face of a female panelist and then hit another one. He then fled the studio and is currently at large. Opa!


Although the clip's in Greek, which most people in the world do not speak, the Irish Times breaks it down. The angry young dude who ends up instigating the fisticuffs is 31-year-old Ilias Kasidiaris, a spokesman for Greece's Golden Dawn party. Golden Dawn has been described by people who are not sympathizers with the party as "Neo Nazi" and "fascist," but the party says that's simply not the case, even though their logo looks kind of like a really long legged swastika if you squint and they tend to salute each other like how Nazis used to salute each other and they hate immigrants and Jews.

Whether or not Golden Dawn is a fascist party is up for debate, but what's not up for debate is whether or not their spokesman is a Chris Brown-level chair-throwing spaz. When leftist party member Rena Dorou made reference to a pending court case, Kasidiaris attempted to toss his drink in her face. Accusations of being Commies and fascists flew. Meanwhile, Communist party member Liana Kanelli stood up and attempted to stop Kasidiaris by swatting at him with a newspaper. He responded by punching her three times while the host shouted "Oxi! Oxi! Oxi!" which is Greek for "Oh my god stop it you guys!" (it actually means "no," which means it's one of like four words in Greek I remember from the time I spent studying abroad there).

A public prosecutor immediately condemned Kasidiaris' actions and called for his arrest, but he had fled the studio before he could be detained. His location remains unknown.

And that's today's Big Fat Greek Clusterfuck.

[Irish Times]



...and this is why they call fraternities "Greeks."