Neil Patrick Harris and Jason Segel Singing Les Mis Is Legendary

How I Met Your Mother actors Jason Segel and Neil Patrick Harris — both musical theater enthusiasts — happen to share a deep affection for the show Les Misérables. In fact, they love the musical so much that they can perform a near perfect duet of "The Confrontation" with NPH as Javert and Segel as Valjean and it's pretty damn spectacular.


"Now, Madeleine," you might be saying to yourself. "This video is old and I've already seen in a thousand times. Why are you showing it to us now?" Well, that's because NPH and Jason Segel recently performed "The Confrontation" again on the HIMYM edition of Inside the Actor's Studio. This is an entirely new version, so YOU'RE WELCOME.

One of the best parts of the video? The loving-yet-resigned "Oh, this again"' looks on the faces of their costars who have — without a doubt — spent dozens of too-early mornings listening to this be rehearsed in the HIMYM makeup trailer.

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Can Jason Segal just STOP being the most charming human ever? He makes me want to listen to rush and take my panties off at the same time and that is the scariest thing.