Neda's Mother: Her Legacy Lives On

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"People go and write on her grave in red ink the word 'martyr,' and then the authorities go and wipe it off." — Neda Agha-Soltan's mother [CNN]


Aesop's Foibles.

You want to know something strange? Or not so strange, depending on your own reaction to her death. Anyway, one night a few weeks after she was killed, I was making dinner in my kitchen. Specifically I was mincing some garlic for a sauce. All of a sudden, I thought, Neda has done this before: stood in a kitchen making dinner, and smiling to herself about something she was thinking of. I stopped what I was doing and thought of the enormity of this realization. It seems like a fairly simple process: you see someone get hurt, you see them die, you know that they are dead. But it suddenly seemed like that moment, the one in my kitchen, was when I really knew what had happened and that it wasn't not real. It was really strange, feeling a kinship with a dead woman I'd never met before. Maybe because this had never happened to me before, maybe because she died so brutally and so publicly, maybe because she was wearing jeans and sneakers, maybe all or none of the above, but she didn't and doesn't feel like a stranger to me. Her name won't be erased from my mind, that's for sure. #nedaaghasoltan