Neda's Family Driven From Home • Woman Pleads Guilty To Drunk Breastfeeding

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Neighbors say that Iranian authorities forced Neda Agha Soltan's family out of their home, refused to return her body to them, and buried her without letting them know. •


• Also, in a confusing statement, the Iranian state-run news network is claiming that an extreme Marxist group killed Neda because they thought she was a terrorist's sister. The network says the killers "thought that they were targeting one of the government opposition people, and that is why they immediately distributed the video of the aftermath of the killing through the official and unofficial media in order to reach their murderous objectives against the Iranian government and revolution." Right. • A strange ring of smoke recently appeared in the sky over an amusement park in Eastern Virginia. The UFO-like ring may have been caused by one of the rides, but it has yet to be fully explained. • Government officials in the UK have decided not to lower the screening age for cervical cancer from 25, because they say lowering the age could lead to too many false positive results. • The BBC has apologize after tennis player Elena Baltacha was heard screaming a four-letter word (starts with f) in frustration during her first round match at Wimbledon this week. After she won the match, Baltacha admitted that she felt rather "emotional," but she was always determined to win. • A woman from North Dakota has plead guilty to drunkenly feeding her six-week-old baby. She was charged with child neglect after giving her baby the breast milk cocktail (the original White Russian?), but she will not be forced to register as an offender against children. • "Bra banks" in the UK allow women to donate their unwanted bras, which are very difficult to recycle, to other women in need. There's even one at the Houses of Parliament. • A Connecticut church is drawing criticism after it posted footage on YouTube of a violent exorcism intended to drive a ''homosexual demon'' from the body of a 16-year-old boy. • Now that women make up 20% of the Air Force, more dads are staying home with their kids while moms fight in Iraq or Afghanistan. • A study has found that Girl Scout meetings can be an ideal place to teach healthy diet and exercise habits — hopefully this won't result in the Girl Scouts eliminating delicious Thin Mints. • Hollywood Madam Michelle Braun allegedly charged almost $50,000 — far more than Heidi Fleiss — for a night with one of her escorts. But does the Daily Fail have to call them a "stable"? • According to a US News & World Report blogger, keeping money separate can help couples avoid conflict. • The newest demeaning and overgeneralized term to describe male behavior is "neosexual," which apparently refers to a guy who has "shrugged off the femininity of the metrosexual and returned to his more masculine, primitive roots." • Rainbow party alert! A study found that one in five teens engage in sexting, and one in four "knew someone who had a bad experience because of information posted on the Internet." •



A drunken breastfeeding charge? Something about this just doesn't feel quite right. I think this is crossing a line into right to privacy.