NBC Snubs Miss Deaf America During Super Bowl Broadcast

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While M.I.A. had no trouble sending a message at the Super Bowl with her middle finger, there was another woman at the game who never got the chance to spread her far less controversial message to the world. If you were watching at home, you probably didn't realize that while Kelly Clarkson, Miranda Lambert, and Blake Shelton were busy singing the national anthem and "America the Beautiful," Miss Deaf America Rachel Mazique was also on the field signing along in American Sign Language for deaf viewers at home—that's because NBC never showed her on camera during the broadcast. This oversight has Mazique and many people in the deaf community understandably disappointed and upset.


Mazique says she wasn't promised TV time, but her signing wasn't visible to the audience in the stadium. So there wasn't much point in having her there if she didn't appear on camera. Her supporters have started an online petition demanding that NBC and the NFL issue an apology. Mazique rightly hopes this will be the last time deaf viewers are snubbed during such a big TV event, and it's looking like NBC will be in hot water just as much for what they didn't show as for what they did.

Miss Deaf America upset she's unseen at Super Bowl [Daily Herald]

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Now that I think about it, are most live telecasts closed captioned? I know that a lot of recorded shows are, but I haven't figured out to turn on CC on my TV to check. I know that a lot of shows and movies on Netflix don't have subtitles, which kind of annoys me since I sometimes have a hard time understanding speech.

I can't fathom what it's like for someone who is Deaf trying to get by in the world. It's not something that a lot of people think about because it's not readily apparent if someone is hard of hearing.