I think you know, and I know, that NBC was seriously lagging behind the pack in throwing its obligatory All-Star party. Luckily for everyone, Monday night it got with the program in Beverly Hills. It does seem like "All-Star" kinda just translated to "the entire cast of Friday Night Lights" but since that show is amazing, and the fictional Texans were all kinda bringing it, I'm not complaining. Otherwise, though? Rather meh. Highs and lows, plus Debra Messing, Hayden Panettiere, Ali Larter, Bar Rafaeli and more, after the jump.

The Good:

I like how Aimee Teegarden's character on Friday Night Lights looks like a real teen. It's nice to know this is true in real life too - albeit a sophisticated and well-dressed one.

Don't worry, the shoes are fine, even though you can't see 'em here. Saffron Burrows is pretty much infallible.


Adrienne Palicki plays the town loose woman on FNL, so it's nice to see her getting to look cute and classy in real life.


Minka Kelly's ecru is an example of a good maxi.

Not loving the color, but basically Ali Larter's simple red sheath looks fab.


It took me a while to warm to this shape, but actress Dania Ramirez is making me a believer.

The Bad:

Hairdresser Tabatha Coffey: awesome name, unfortunate frock.


I love me a good pair of trousers, but unfortunately I also hate me incredibly ugly blouses like Yvonne Strahovski's.

This bandage thing is not my absolute favorite on Hayden Panettiere.


Dear Bar Rafaeli: we get it, you're sexy. Is the keyhole really necessary?

The Ugly:


Nadine Velazquez's shoes are ugly. That is all.

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