Navy Sailors' "All I Want For Christmas" Lip Dub Will Probably Make You Cry

When the crew of the Royal Navy's HMS Ocean deployed earlier this year, they expected to be out to sea for seven weeks. But their boat was diverted to Libya and at this point, the ship has been away for for seven months. During this time, graduations and birthdays were missed, fifteen men became fathers and five had to leave the boat to get married. But recently came good news — the crew would be home for Christmas! An obvious cause for celebration, the entire ship took part in a lip dub of "All I Want For Christmas Is You" — which I'm happy to note is not the Bieber edition — and has since been approved by Mariah Carey herself. If this doesn't make you a little weepy, are you at least feeling the holiday spirit? No? God, you're heartless bitches.


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Sorcia MacNasty

God, UK Jezebels — you lucky bitches, having a glorious Royal Navy with a sense of humor!

I mean, sure, US Navy is full of hotties, but I suspect they'd be less likely to dress in a national flag as drag and giggle/sing about it.

We were founded by Puritans! It's not our fault we're so fucking uptight!