National Review Columnist Says Female Vet Rape Survivors Who Have PTSD Are Actually Just Sluts

The New York Times ran a harrowing story today about female veterans who are homeless thanks to military sexual trauma (M.S.T.) from assaults or harassment during their service, which can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder.

Leave it to the National Review Online to offer an "alternative hypothesis": they're just whores.

Some of these women come from environments that made their descent into street life overdetermined, whether or not they experienced alleged sexual assault in the military. To blame alleged sexual assault for their fate rather than their own bad decision-making is ideologically satisfying, but mystifying.

Evidence includes: a "a tough-as-nails, pro-police building superintendent in the Bronx who was raped three times, including by her mother's boyfriend as a child; she is only one case, obviously, but she was not on disability benefits or on the streets." Logic!

The NRO also thinks it's contradictory to "insist" on putting women into combat units if we think it really was their sexual experiences in the military that caused them to to spiral downward into alcohol and substance abuse and depression:

Are women on average going to be more able to emotionally handle the former than the latter? Isn't there a contradiction in expecting the military to "protect" you while it also sends you out to face mortal risk? And do the feminists believe that there will be fewer of these alleged rapes in combat training and duty?

Ladies: as always, it's your responsibility not to get raped on the job.



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