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Sex. Celebrity. Politics. With Teeth

National Ice Cream Day Is A Slow Churned News Day, All Right

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
  • So like did you even realize yesterday was National Ice Cream day? No really, there is actually a bill on file about this that Reagan signed into law. (And a really crappy speech obviously not written by Peggy Noonan.) The Agriculture committee that sponsored it wrote that it was: "sharply divided over the comparative merits of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and other flavors, but united in solid bipartisan appreciation of ice cream." Ha! Seriously, as long as it was going to lose its manufacturing jobs, organized labor and middle class in the past 25 years I am not sorry the nation lost its "innocence" too because before now I actually thought all the "Yes, Pecan" Obama ice cream flavor contest crap was corny.
  • I'd say I'm still trying to get my bearings after my weeklong "staycation" but it actually seems like I just came back to work too early; I mean, even the New York Times editor who rejected John McCain's op-ed piece in the SCANDALOUS SCANDAL now leading Drudge is on vacation, so like, what's our excuse? Anyway, John McCain is polling well, maybe because of his highly convincing plan to end our dependence on foreign oil, but a lot of folks think that plan is somehow going to fall through when swing voters restore their electrolytes and decide they actually want a world leader who knows that there's a whole doggone country in the Iraq-Pakistan border region or, even if they do want an imbecile, probably don't want McCain. In the meantime, Lara Logan interviewed Barack Obama in Afghanistan and as you will notice from the Wonkette comments everyone is paying really close attention to what they are saying.
  • And a wetback jalepeno pepper turns out to be the "culprit" in a Salmonella outbreak that might effect me if I ever ate fresh foods. The tomato, however, has still not been "exonerated." [WSJ]
  • Short-sellers could probably take down Lehman Brothers overnight, thanks to last year's repeal of an old SEC rule that prevented short-sellers from just taking companies down overnight, the repeal of course being thanks to Lehman, sort of the way Bear Stearns didn't contribute to the bailout of Long Term Capital Management, and then needed their own bailout, prodigal sons of bitches. [NY Mag]
  • Among those who have decided to forgo vacations entirely are Winona Dimeo-Ediger, 23, a blogger in Portland, Ore., and her boyfriend, Nick Castro, 22, a barista at Starbucks. And all this time I thought the Sunday Styles Section didn't care about the plight of the working poor. [NYT]
  • So this one goes out to you, Winona and Nick, from the annals of my short-lived staycation: Pinkberry is very tasty, but at $3.25 per 100 calories to $1.05 for 150 calories for a similarly textured, though slightly more anachronistic tasting, frozen dairy dessert at McDonald's it really seems a little excessive. Also, everything has calorie counts on it now. When did this start? And if an 8 ounce serving of Starbucks drip coffee has 5 calories, how is it mathematically possible that a 20-ounce serving also has five calories? The mind boggles.
  • Oh yes, and: lunch is really fun. Like, hanging out with your drinking buddies is rad and all, but hanging out with your drinking buddies when you are sober is actually sort of better, and hanging out with them during the day when you are sober and also shamelessly neglecting work is better than a gram of good coke, if you ask me. It is like being in high school again, right at that point when you realized high school was actually really fun.
  • Is the word "narcissism" overused these days? Obviously. But as with "douchebag" I am going to venture there is an underlying reason for that. [NYT]