The National Board of Review of Motion Pictures held its annual awards show last night. Yup: An actual awards show not stopped by the writer's strike! And not only did legitimate celebrities actually show up, Diablo Cody won for Best Original Screenplay for Juno and Ellen Page won Best Breakout Performance by an Actress for the same! Yay, women! But boo, too, because the ladies on display played it a little too safe, sartorially. Are the stars just out of practice now that they can't go anywhere without fear of crossing a picket line? And while we think that Jennifer Garner knocks it out of the park in this short, draped number, the rest of the looks ranged from pretty and safe to yawn-were-you-saying-something? The good, the bad, and the ugly, all after the jump.

The Good:

Tilda Swinton looks totally nuts. I love it.

Emily Mortimer is a total coquette. Le swoon.


Brava Ellen Page: The girl has already mastered red carpet chic.

Does Kate Winslet ever look bad? Even when wearing what is essentially a ribbon-belted garbage bag?

The Bad:


Nicole Miller is a fashion designer! Of pretty dresses! So why does she look so M.O.B.?


Sarah Larson is a pretty girl. She is dating a hot guy. She needs to step it up.

Jurnee Smollett's look is definitely the most exciting one of the evening. But not necessarily in a good way.


Yeah, yeah: Catherine Zeta Jones looks good. And Michael Douglas looks old.

The Ugly:


Julian Schnabel gives the stink eye.

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