A celebrity divorce usually goes something like this: one of them hires an expensive attorney who will yell at them for not having a prenup, files for divorce from their partner, takes a plane to Middle Earth, hops off and finds someone who can charter a helicopter, flies the helicopter to Mordor, drops their wedding ring into Mount Doom (please don’t start with the feasibility of this drop), and returns to Los Angeles where they quickly expire from heartbreak.

But not Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez! In a shocking rejection of well-established celebrity mores, both have been seen wandering around Los Angeles, as alive and sexy as ever.

Many online publications reported the shocking news Thursday, breathlessly sharing details of their rare, Sasquatch-level sightings—down to the rings on their fingers and shoes off their feet.

Halle and Olivier are still steppin’ out, and they’re still smokin’ hot. Can you even believe it?



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Images via INFPhoto.com / Screengrab.