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Natalie Portman is a known smarty-pants. That whole Harvard education and blah blah blah. And now she's going all Winnie from The Wonder Years on us and is trying to teach kids that math is cool! She's guest-editing next week's Scholastic math magazine. Do kids in grade school even know who Natalie Portman is? Last time we heard, Garden State isn't on regular rotation in the 2nd grade video library. [Huffington Post]


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I think she was great in the Professional, but pretty mediocre in everything else I've seen her in. Although I haven't seen Closer.

I think it's great that she's doing this math thing, and I love how she devotes her time to doing things like this rather than partying her ass off—but. Compared to her peers? Natalie Portman is the daughter of two college-educated upper-middle-class parents, one of whom is a doctor, and grew up in a wealthy suburb of Long Island. It would have been ridiculous for her to NOT go to a good school. She gets a lot of attention for the college thing because she's also an actress, but plenty of non-famous types from the same social strata head off to Ivies every year and it's not nearly as big a deal. Natalie herself has commented that she's not that big a deal compared to some of her classmates. I'd be annoyed if journalists slavered over my college degree like that too.