A Missouri woman has been killed after being shot several times by her lover's wife in what GMA has salaciously dubbed the "NASA Love Triangle." Police say that 52 year-old NASA trainer Shannon Griffin took the life of 46 year-old Irina Puscariu after learning of Puscariu and her husband Roscoe Griffin's extramarital affair during a couple's counseling session. To detract from a tragic situation in which a woman is dead, GMA also dabbles in some blatant classism by expressing shock that such a terrible thing could happen between "highly educated people" (Puscariu was a psychiatrist and Roscoe Griffin, a retired Air Force colonel). It's true โ€” usually only the poorly educated murder each other! Shannon Griffin, along with prep school attendee Joran van der Sloot, attempted kidnapper and fellow astronaut Lisa Nowak, and that pesky rumored doctor Jack the Ripper, is the exception to the rule.