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Nas Has a New ‘Dad-Rap’ Music Video About How Much It Would Suck to Find His Daughter’s Condom Stash

Nas's new video to go along with his poor-overwrought-parent song "Daughters," ruminates on, among other things, the strong possibility that having a daughter is some sort of metaphysical punishment for a former womanizer. Take the following line: "They say the coolest playas and foulest heart breakers in the world / God gets us back, he makes us have precious little girls." Why, Nas, you beastly cad! Having a daughter who hangs out with attractive young gentlemen callers and keeps her prophylactics in a neat little pile isn't some sort of comeuppance — it's what raising heterosexual female adolescents possibly entails. I mean, she's using contraception, so everything seems more or less okay, minus a pesky cop confrontation.


via Buzzfeed

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Cursed ambivalence... this is commendable in some ways, problematic in others.

What with Will Smith's chastity belt-esque quote from morning's dirtbag, I've feel like I've had my daily fill of dad's freaking out about their daughter's sexuality. However, Nas' daughter is Instagramming condom pics on Twitter, writing letters to imprisoned juvenile delinquents, & riding as passenger to drunk drivers. So there's slightly less antiquated pearl clutching & more justifiable concern.

He seems to be acknowledging that he set a poor example for his child with his womanizing & permissive parenting. Unfortunately, he seems to stop short of gleaning any healthy lessons, ultimately leaving me unclear as to whether he can truly distinguish between karmic retribution & direct causality. Plus that final line about a standing behind the door with a shotgun is that same tired double standard trope.

I dunno, I think I would have been more appreciative of a song where he makes a sincere inventory of his failings as a dad without putting his kid's business on blast for all to hear.