Narcotrafficking Beauty Queens

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In the last three years, the number of women arrested in Mexico on drug trafficking-related charges has jumped 400%. At least six of them are beauty queens or models.


That's not a coincidence, of course. In most of these cases, they are or were romantically involved with drug kingpins, and according to Mexican press reports, their beauty was used as bait or distraction.

A McClatchy reports from Mexico City, a good chunk of them are from Andean countries, mostly Colombia, with one, former Miss Universe Alicia Machado, from Venezuela. Laura Zuniga, 2008 Miss Sinaloa in Mexico and Miss Hispanic America, was arrested after it was revealed her boyfriend was the head of the Juarez cartel, but when she said she had no idea what his job was, she was released. Her fellow Mexican, Eunice Ramirez Contreras, arrested in the state of Chihuahua as part of a band of kidnappers.


Update: Correction — Alicia Machado was never arrested. A secret witness claimed she was involved with a drug lord, who fathered her child; Machado said he was a respectable businessman.

Latest Andean Export: Beauty Queens For Mexican Narcos [McClatchy Via Newstaco]

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Little Green Frog

This reminds me of something I witnessed there. A beauty queen recently earned a title in my hometown. While going to different promotional events, a trafficker started following her and talk to her. She kept refusing to talk to him, and had people block her from him. One day she disappeared. We feared the worst. 2 days later there was a big ad in the local newspaper, signed by her, saying that she had eloped with him, that they were married and happy.

We (naively) thought "how could you do that?, why didn't you fight, call police?". Boy we were young. Of course he had threatened her, probably telling her horrible things that would be done to her family if she refused.

Anyway, she did come back, but was rarely seen around town. The trafficker was eventually arrested and sent to prison. I don't know where she is, I think I heard she was able to get a divorce. However he has completed his sentence.

It is all so horrible, and all because she was pretty. Made me realize that sometimes being a wallflower is OK.