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​NARAL's New Campaign Goes After Politicians 'Obsessed with Abortion'

Illustration for article titled ​NARALs New Campaign Goes After Politicians Obsessed with Abortion

On Monday, NARAL Pro-Choice America, the women's reproductive health lobbying group, launched a huge new campaign, targeting three Republican governors known for their ridiculous anti-abortion stances: Wisconsin's Scott Walker, Florida's Rick Scott, and Kansas' Sam Brownback.


The campaign consists of mailers, online ads, and targeted phone calls portraying the governors as being completely obsessed with abortion (because they are) more than other important matters like middle class families, tuition rates, and the environment. An example:

Illustration for article titled ​NARALs New Campaign Goes After Politicians Obsessed with Abortion

A NARAL rep gave a statement to Huffington Post:

"Seven in 10 voters support a woman's right to choose and yet, despite the longstanding need for attention to the economic conditions in all three of these states, these Governors have spent a substantial part of their terms figuring out how to deny women access to vital health care," said Sasha Bruce, the group's senior vice president for strategy and campaigns, in an emailed statement. "We know the more voters learn not only about their extreme positions but, equally as important, also their misplaced priorities they are less likely to support them."

Walker, Scott, and Brownback have all signed off on anti-abortion bills such as state-mandated trans-vaginal ultrasounds for women considering an abortion or cutting off funding for reproductive health and family planning resources. And it's definitely high time they get the boot.


Lead images via Getty. Additional image via NARAL.

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I'm very uncomfortable with the obsession that white, male politicians have with my vagina and what happens to be inside of it.