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Naomi Campbell Will Make An Awesome Model Mentor

Illustration for article titled Naomi Campbell Will Make An Awesome Model Mentor
  • British Fashion Council head Harold Tillman wants to start a "Big Sister" program in which old skool supermodels mentor malnourished up-and-coming mannequins. Leading the way in this admirable new endeavor? Naomi Campbell. [Vogue UK]
  • Elsewhere in Naomi news, she uses Berlin Fashion Week to point out on the 75th anniversary of Nazi rule that, uh, the industry is still pretty white. [Guardian UK]
  • Elsewhere in Naomi news, did you know she asked Hugo Chavez about the Spice Girls? [Guanabee]
  • Karl Lagerfeld: now a teddy bear. [WWD, 2nd item]
  • Remember Zulema? From Project Runway season 2? Who got voted off for a dress which Michael Kors described as looking "like something the town whore's mom who's a real bad sewer made"? Which doesn't even make sense, but whatever? Well, now she's showing her collection during New York Fashion Week... on her MySpace page. [Sassybella]
  • Balenciaga designer Nicolas Ghesquiere: really, really good at sports. Who knew? [WWD, 1st item]
  • I would actually play sports if it gave me an excuse to wear Chanel. [Vogue UK]
  • At Betsey Johnson's Fall/Winter 2008 runway show on Saturday (don't worry, we'll be there), the designer will be celebrating the 30-year anniversary of her line with a retrospective of 15 different looks from the house's history. She'll still be doing a cartwheel at the show's end, another 30-year old tradition, too. [WWD, 3rd item]
  • Although many designers (including Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan, DVF) are showing a single "green" look at tomorrow night's "Future Fashion" show, the sisters Mulleavy of Rodarte are making their entire collection eco-friendly this season. [Fashion Week Daily]
  • The recession might be bad for you, but it's going to be great for the kids looking for work in sweatshops. [Guardian]
  • Um, I'm weirdly excited by a website entitled [FabSugar]
  • Thou shalt wear your hair in a low and tight bun for spring. [BellaSugar]
  • Mischa Barton's Spring 2008 Keds ads are so much better than the ones she did for Iceberg. [Sassybella]
  • Oooh video of Chanel couture collection from 1983. [Sassybella]

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What's with all the glove swinging in the '83 Chanel show?