The Naomi Campbell interview with Hugo Chavez for British GQ is out soon, and oh god, the suspense is killing us. Luckily we have details: Campbell explains she "didn't want to judge Chávez, or probe him for his political views, even though he gave them freely. I simply went to interview Hugo Chávez the man." So she asks all sorts of illuminating questions such as whether Chavez the man would "go topless like Vladimir Putin," and Chavez the man presses her hands to his pecs and says "why not?" He goes on to call Condoleezza Rice an agent of "genocide", Camilla Parker Bowles ugly, Fidel Catro "the most stylish" world leader. In turn she calls him a "rebel angel" — hey, isn't there one of those in the Bible? — and says he "poses no threat to democracy," finally quoting him as saying:

"We're seeing the fall of the empire. Like the fairytale, the emperor is naked. We've seen the emperor's ass."


And well, if that empire of which he speaks is in any way responsible for magazine editors who send despicable millionaire supermodels to interview the world's most influential megalomaniacs — and I'm pretty sure it is — I sure hope he's right about the "fallling" thing.

Naomi Campbell interview with Chavez [AFP]