Nadya Suleman Says She May Have More Children

This morning, GMA previewed Nadya Suleman's upcoming documentary, in which one of her older kids throws a screwdriver at her face. In an interview, Nadya defends having octuplets saying, "Which one should I have murdered? Noah? Isaiah?" Clip at left.

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In the words of my grandfather "This bitch is crazy." I once had a small class of 6th graders and I wanted to kill myself. On average I have 25 kids per class and they're 14-20 and I still can't give them all the attention they need. I find out that some kid felt ignored, or left out or whatever. There is no way on earth she's doing even a mediocre job being a mom. Just because she can make babies doesn't make her a parent. I wish women like her would never get any credit for this type of display... so you can procreate! Big deal! So can I... but I'm responsible. I pity the teachers that will experience these kids when they get to school... all adhd, behavior issues, needing attention, learning issues etc etc. This psycho makes me so mad. So many people go through so much to have one baby that they cherish and this loca has 14 and she is guaranteed to fail at least 6 of them. Then they will inevitably grow up to become adults who's mother failed them and that becomes society's problem. I agree about not setting reproductive limitations and setting precedents etc but this is insane. I had a psycho student last year that was a total menace to society. A 12 year old 6th grader that would bully and taunt everyone in the class then sit under his desk after he cursed me out. I had them draw their family tree one day... he has 10 siblings ages 3-21 living in the same house with him and his 40 year old mom. No wonder when he gets to school he terrorizes everyone... it's the only time someone focuses on him. Ok... my rant is over. This woman really pisses me off.