Nadya Suleman Is Ashamed to Be on Welfare, But She'll Never Do Porn

Nadya Suleman — mother of fourteen — was on Today this morning, discussing the fact that she is currently on welfare. Specifically, she's getting $2,000 a month in food stamps. You said you would never accept assistance, Matt Lauer began. What happened? "They deserve it," the mother of 14 replied. "You have to remove your pride." She insists that it is only temporary and later, she added:

"I feel ashamed, but who cares how I feel. It's 100 percent about my children."

Do we applaud this woman for doing whatever she can to make sure her kids eat? Or deem her selfish and delusional for thinking she could take care of so many kids as a single mom? (She is on the verge of being evicted.) She also told Matt she would never do porn: "I will not lose my grip of my deeply indoctrinated morals and values."

Suleman also said that all the people who think her kids should be taken away from her are "sick and sad." In other news, she's stopped overplucking her eyebrows.


Octuplet mom: 'I feel ashamed' about food stamps [Today]


Shane Purcell

Sorry, but from a child welfare standpoint, I think the state needs to step in and resolve this situation. By removing some of the children. It's obvious she (and a good percentage of single parents for that matter) don't have the means to support this many children. I don't know how many children they should find other homes for, it would be a difficult number to come up with fairly, but it needs to be done.