My Virtual Boyfriend

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Don't you wish your dreamboat boyfriend whispered sweet nothings in your ear every time you saved your pocket change? Well the Japanese have (once again) created a solution to a problem we didn't know we had: The Handsome Man Bank. The piggy bank (or Ikemen in Japanese) has a selection of 5 different cartoon hunks who whisper romantic phrases when a person adds money (ex: "Can I rub your shoulders?"). And though the $75 contraption also doubles as an alarm clock, it does not vibrate in any way, making it totally useless in terms of actually satisfying single gals. [Inventor Spot]

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I mean, kudos Japan for noticing that women save less than men. But, you know how many times I would have to fill up that Man Bank before it would pay for itself? So...yeah. In the end, not so practical as far as actual *saving* is concerned.