My Summer Look Is Layers of Plush Pillows

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Summer is here, but in my heart and maybe yours, sadness reigns. I am loath to use the word “tender” to describe anything other than a particularly well-steamed green bean or a cut of pork tenderloin, but at this moment in time, it is an accurate representation of my inner self. How to best dress my outside to protect my gooey core?

ÁGATHA RUIZ DE LA PRADA, I NEED YOU MORE THAN EVER,” I cry into the haze of a mid-July day. Mercifully, she agrees.

Place my easily-injured root chakra in this cottony embrace
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Life’s soaring high and crushing lows are ameliorated once my entire body is swaddled in daisy print fabric; I feel free and absent of anxiety and also panique dressed in the fabric equivalent of this ring toss game for toddlers. I cannot feel pain because I cannot feel or see anything.

Wrap my torso in bubble wrap. Blind me with these daisy glasses so that I don’t have to see. I am at rest. I feel great. Serenity. Bliss. Me.

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