My President Told Your President to Shut Up

Twenty minutes into the first presidential debate, Joe Biden summarily won the entire night by uttering the one phrase every American has muttered under their breath for the last four years: “Will you shut up, man.” It was in this moment that I understood, Joe Biden is a motherfuckin gangsta.

Biden spouted this perfect and incredibly necessary utterance after enduring what felt like an eternal amount of minutes being talked over in a debate that seems to have absolutely no rules. What really made this moment the only good moment of 2020 is that Biden didn’t even bother looking at Trump when telling him to shut up. In fact, Biden put in an extreme effort to avoid looking at Trump throughout the debate in what I believe was an effort to protect his eyes from the radioactive orange glare bouncing off of Trump’s skin.


It wasn’t just that Biden told him to shut up, it’s also the way he chose to do it and the things he’d said prior to the big SU bomb. A few minutes prior to bringing the Hush Hammer down heavy, Biden also called Trump a clown and sighed heavily saying, “This guy,” in the same way I talk to my puppy when he pisses inside the house. Biden’s tone, and the way he’s choosing to speak to the camera instead of Trump, shows that he’s aware that he isn’t dealing with a president, but instead an errant child who has never been disciplined.

This is the first time Biden’s really shown that he’s got the grit necessary to get him through to November. For five seconds he wasn’t Sleepy Joe or Grandpa Joe, but the next president of these fucked-up United States.



I have seen colickly babies read a room better.

Trump is thrown wide here. He is unprepared, he is unable to put anything other than ultra defensive bullshit up front, and he is trying to make up for it by controlling the narritave.

I double dog dare any fucking sycophant out there to explain this as a strategy. It’s pure and simply flailing of a guy who is getting called on his bullshit.

This is what the world is seeing....and they are wondering what the fuck is wrong with us to have this douchebag in the big chair.